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Frog and Toad Are Friends - Arnold Lobel

Frog and Toad Are Friends would be a great story (and there are many Frog and Toad stories) to read to a first grade classroom.  It teaches students how to be a good friend to their classmates.  

The Teacher From The Black Lagoon And Other Back To School Stories - Mike Thaler, Harry Allard, Miriam Cohen

The Teacher From the Black Lagoon can be read on the first day of kindergarten or first grade.  It helps students overcome their fear of school since it might be their first time ever in a school.  

The Very Hungry Caterpillar - Eric Carle

The Very Hungry Caterpillar should be read in a kindergarten or first grade classroom.  This story teaches about different changes that can happen during a life cycle of a caterpillar.  It also teaches certain elements of time, numbers, and measurements.  

The Diary of a Young Girl - B.M. Mooyaart, Eleanor Roosevelt, Anne Frank

The story of Anne Frank should be read in fifth grade.  It teaches history lessons about WW2 and teaches the important of family.  This is a different type of story because it is read by reading journal entries that Anne Frank actually wrote while she was isolated in an attic as a Jewish refugee in Nazi occupied Europe.  

Stuart Little - E.B. White, Garth Williams

Stuart Little is a great adventure novel that is great for the fifth grade reader.  It has many life lessons, as well as lessons about family and growing up.  

The Trumpet of the Swan - E.B. White, Fred Marcellino

The Trumpet of the Swan is a great fictional story that should be read in fifth grade.  It teaches the importance of helping others and family.

The Watsons Go to Birmingham—1963 - Christopher Paul Curtis

The Watson's Go To Birmingham would be a great story to read in fifth grade. It teaches a great history lesson about how segregation, and racism was during the Civil Rights Movement in the south.  

The Rainbow Fish - Marcus Pfister, J. Alison James

The Rainbow Fish is a good story to read to any class that  is kindergarten through third grade.  This story teaches lessons on sharing and the joy of giving, as well as unselfishness.  

Wonder - R.J. Palacio

Wonder is an incredible story that should be read in fifth grade.  It is about a boy with a facial deformity that gets bullied, but it all stops when he makes some friends at a new school that stick up for him.  This is a great story about acceptance and teaches lessons on bullying.

Holes - Louis Sachar

Holes is a great adventure/mystery story that should be read in fifth grade.  It is about a boy that has nothing but bad luck because of a curse that was put on his family.  He breaks the curse, and has nothing but good luck the rest of his life.  The story teaches that things can get better even if they seem like they won't.  We just have to keep being ourselves and only what we know we can.

The BFG - Roald Dahl, Quentin Blake

BFG is a great adventure story that should be read in fourth grade.  In a world where all giants are mean, there is one that befriends a little girl.  It teaches students no to trust a book by its cover and not be so quick to judge what you don't know.  

Chrysanthemum - Kevin Henkes

Chrysanthemum is a great book for first graders and can teach students about bullies and to be happy with what is given to you even if it is a name that is different from others.  

Hatchet - Gary Paulsen

Hatchet should be read in fifth grade and tells a story of a boy that fights alone through adversity and never gives up on what he needs to do to survive.  

The Secret Garden - Lucy Simon, Marsha Norman

The Secret Garden is most appropriate to read in fifth grade.  It shows that we should appreciate life, other's lives and everything they have to offer.  We can't be so appreciative if we are selfish.  The story also teaches about secrets, when it is okay to tell a secret ad keep one.  

The Giving Tree - Shel Silverstein

i believe The Giving Tree can be great for kindergarten through fifth grade.  It teaches that you should alway appreciate what you already have and always be thankful.  It also teaches that some people as they grow up become to know only how to take instead of giving.  The tree teaches patience and unconditional love.  

How Much Is a Million? 20th Anniversary Edition (Reading Rainbow Books) - David M. Schwartz

"How Much is A Million?" would be good to read in Kindergarten through second grade.  It helps a young student to conceptualize a large number like a million in relative terms and examples.